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AJ headshot current.jpeg

AJ Castro

Technical Designer

Surprisingly, AJ initially started their career at Cal State Fullerton as a Civil Engineering student. In short order, they found their true calling and changed their major to architecture, transferring to Cal Poly Pomona. AJ has a passion for design in all forms and studied art as well. They hope to elevate Latin-American art and architecture onto the global stage through their work.

In the future, AJ hopes to travel internationally again, and Japan might be their next stop. We’re excited to see where they end up choosing to take a year abroad for 4th year design. They love experiencing other cultures and incorporating their experiences into design.

If you can spot AJ outside of their architecture studio and classes, they will most likely be viewing a new art exhibition or practicing Bikram yoga. They'll follow that up with coffee at a hipster café in an arts district with some of their closest friends. Some millennials look at their phones while walking, but AJ will be gazing wistfully at historical architectural details instead.

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