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Alex Morales

Project Manager

Alex started his career in his home state of Jalisco, Mexico, where he attended Universidad Guadalajara and earned his Bachelor of Architecture. Alex stayed in Mexico for a few years working for an architect specializing in the design of sports facilities. Eventually, he decided to try something new and moved to California to expand his horizons. He worked in a small firm doing residential design before moving on to notable firm Ware Malcomb. After some time there, he decided a small firm was a better fit for his desired working environment and joined us here at Arclogica. Alex has a passion for design and an excellent attention to detail.


If you want to see Alex’s passion for architecture in full effect, just check out his LinkedIn feed. If you’re into architecture, he’s already curated a great collection of articles and notable architecture from around the world.


Outside of the office, Alex has many hobbies, but his favorite is to play the saxophone, and you’ll find him practicing many afternoons. He also has a passion for photography and travel and loves to take cool photos while enjoying nature or scoping out buildings while experiencing the chaos of a large city. Alex is very active in sports, especially when it involves his friends, and like to play beach soccer, cycle, box, play baseball, just to name a few. He is a pro-active self-learner and will often spend his free time learning about innovation in technology, video game programming, video editing, and music production.

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