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Nora Looney

Office Manager

Nora Looney is the queen of all things business management and real estate. She has extensive experience as a licensed Realtor, property manager, business owner, office manager, and bookkeeper. Because of her varied background and unique combination of experience and talent, Nora was asked to join Arclogica as our Office Manager. She does a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly in this quickly growing architecture firm, and we surely keep her on her toes!


Outside of Arclogica, Nora is very active in her local community, and has created a lasting positive impact with her volunteer work through the United Way, Meals on Wheels and the local sports teams of both her son and daughter. Although her kids are now grown, Nora is loving her present roll of ‘Grammy’ and is enjoying all the time she can get with her grandson James.  He’s very active in sports and Nora sees a lot more baseball games in her future. Nora loves baseball and is an avid Giants fan. She will never ever be caught in Dodgers’ gear.

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