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Patrick Engels

Technology Manager

Patrick started his career behind the scenes in theater, working with lighting, sound and special effects, and all the networking systems and programming it takes to set the scenes for multiple productions and theaters in the Bay Area. Eventually, Patrick decided he wanted to branch out, and he joined Feld Entertainment. This meant living on a train for a year with a traveling production, touring throughout the continental United States. Eventually, Patrick set down roots in Las Vegas, where he was able to continue to grow his technical knowledge and expertise working for Cirque du Soleil.

Unfortunately, the pandemic put a temporary hold on Patrick’s main career, but Arclogica was more than happy to put Patrick’s unique blend of skills in design, construction and networking to good use, We brought him on to build our server, design and our network, secure our systems against cyberthreats, and encrypt our systems to military specifications. We’re using all the expertise we can get before the entertainment industry open back up fully. We love having Patrick on board, but are very excited for him to get back to his true passion in the entertainment industry.


When Patrick is not wrestling with CAT6 cables and providing IT support with a side of sarcasm, you can find him hiking the stunning trails in Redrocks, you can find him hiking the stunning trails in Redrocks.

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