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Pallet Shelter Village

Homelessness is such a complex and intricate crisis. No two people facing homelessness have the same situation. Each person needs their own individual support plan to help them overcome their situation.


Step 1? Get them to a place they can call ‘home,’ in a community where they feel they belong. The City of Riverside purchased dozens of Pallet Shelters ( to do just that - give 56 people a place to belong. Arclogica worked with the City of Riverside to develop a layout and site plan, working with the city’s social workers, City Net (, Building, Fire, Police, Public Works, and many more departments to make sure that the project met the needs of the homeless community it is serving, while providing a full-service support site that met health and safety standards.


Each Pallet Shelter provides not only a shelter from the elements, but also has heating, cooling, and a few electrical outlets. Besides the 30 shelters on site, there is also a support services building, a security building, and an accessible shower/restroom trailer with plumbing tied into the city’s utility grid. In this ‘village,’ clients can get the social and health services they need to get off the street and back on their feet.

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